Dating she drops heels off video

I think that's interesting.'" It's 1300 hours in the San Fernando Valley, and Project Sparrow is in full effect.

In a nondescript parking lot at a soundstage in Van Nuys, California, a Blackwater-esque platoon of personal-security professionals stands at the ready.

Johnson said officers used a “standard arrest control” technique to subdue her.

As previously reported by Us, the two were seen being flirty and playful together on the plane on Saturday.

In an Instagram video posted by Baller Alert, Montana rests his head on Azalea’s booty.

In another Instagram photo posted by Montana on Sunday, August 28, the duo soak up the sun on the bow of a boat.

Azalea shows off her toned physique in a striped bikini.

The Fort Collins Police Department said the short video doesn’t tell the full story.