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Personal devices know your habits almost as well as you do; they can monitor your sleep or daily activities, and now, the data could even help you find love.

Researchers at Newcastle University have developed ’Metadating’ to explore how the information gathered by devices can be applied to social settings‘The profiles made data a ticket to talk. Rather than analysing their data, they performed it by talking about it with each other.

Examples of this type of cooperation are: •the German National Biography in its online-version (key word: beacon) •the German Digital National Library, DDB (key word: Entity Facts-Service of the DNB) •Wikipedia (with the usage of the results of the international project VIAF) •Bavarikon, the cultural portal of Bavaria In the near future or next steps in this field are regarding the visualisation of the search results under various aspects.

AUDIOVISUELLE DIALOGE, DIE SICH (ÜBER IHRE METADATEN) AUTOMATISCH SELBST GENERIEREN Ziel: Eine Übung in Antizipation von Wirkungs-, Dialog‐ und Interaktionsmustern menschlicher Kommunikation.

Methylphenidate CD (Metadate CD) is an expensive drug used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).