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The team is led by Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, and includes several of his political confidants, such as his former law partner William Palatucci.

As of August, under a new federal program designed to accelerate Presidential transitions, Trump’s staff was eligible to apply for security clearances, so that they could receive classified briefings immediately after Election Day.

Why did you want to send that message over Pride weekend? It was a fuck you to the bros who come up here, using their own words. Someone in my spin class told me about that, and about another bar that was there—Blue?

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With over a year of no alcohol & coffee, I did notice some side effects. I save $1000 every month After 2 months I noticed that I had $1000 more on my bank account.

Yes, that's a lot, but do the math and you notice it's not that much. In order to spend $1000 on alcohol I only have to spend $33 everyday.

Dipasupil / Film Magic / Getty; Desiree Navarro / Film Magic / Getty; Jemal Countess / Wire Image / Getty; Joe Raedle / Getty; Myrna Suarez / Getty (framed photos)the morning of January 20, 2017, the President-elect is to visit Barack Obama at the White House for coffee, before they share a limousine—Obama seated on the right, his successor on the left—for the ride to the Capitol, where the Inauguration will take place, on the west front terrace, at noon.

Donald Trump will be five months short of seventy-one.


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