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Instead of a geeky superfan, Sebastian is doing his best to channel 's Chuck Bass: "I don't know who this Blaine guy is but apparently he's sex on a stick and sings like a dream," he tells Blaine of his previous notions.Women, particularly young women, recognized their own sometimes complex, sometimes unlabeled relationships in Brittana.Showmance Quinn laughs and smiles at Puck after he slushies Rachel.

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Just know why you were off in your own little worlds, my nose was to the grindstone working feverishly to get you all your spoilers for this season.

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit overexaggerated, but you get my point.

A few moments later, when asked by Dean how far down he could drop her as she split open her legs, she told him: "Don't you worry.

I am sure they said how during the episode, but I was just trying not to turn it off, so I must have missed it.

Burt is less than enthused about Kurt's team being glee club but he can see Kurt's genuine enthusiasm shine through, and that wins out.