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To put it lightly, the app left a lot to be desired. I am trying out the Soul Swipe dating app – just one more time – and all I can think of is, “Do I want to put myself through this misery again? Last year, I had a to say about Soul Swipe (Click here to read my scathing review).What if everyone actually had only one soul mate, a random person somewhere in the world? There are a lot of problems with the concept of a single random soul mate. You know nothing about who or where they are, but—as in the romantic cliché—you’ll recognize each other the moment your eyes meet. If we’re all paired up at random, 90% of our soul mates are long dead. But wait, it gets worse: A simple argument shows we can’t just limit ourselves to past humans; we have to include an unknown number of future humans as well.

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For those completely in the dark, Tinder is a location-based phone app that lets you select nearby mates in a rapid-fire “yes” or “no” fashion based solely on their picture. Just give us a picture and let us know if they’re too far away to even bother. The newest kid on the dating app block is Glimpse, which syncs with your Instagram feed to show all potential suitors how well traveled and popular you are.

There’s messaging capabilities if you both choose “yes” — but what in the world do you have to say after 10 seconds? Screw sexy looks — you’ve swam with stingrays and traveled to India and back. After a brief registration lull (I had to wait 12 hours to join), you select a screen name and profile picture, enter your age and sexual orientation, and handpick nine of your favorite Instagram photos and — voilà! You’re then tasked with scrolling through the nine-picture feeds of all your potential dates, which is a fantasy land of hazy beaches, wine tastings in foreign countries, fancy dinners and dogs. Even the most mundane of shots (and there aren’t too many of those on Glimpse) are brightly hued or encased in those arty black-and-white noir type filters, which is really the worst kind of false advertising, no? Stingray should come with the option of Toaster or Lo-Fi filters and where are the monkeys in Cambodia?

Simove came up with the idea after striking out on other dating apps.

He tried to be quirky on dating sites to better attract matches, but had little luck.

In modern dating apps, it’s normal to feel like you’re just another face in a sea of photos.