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As with any social network, much of your Snapchat experience will depend on who you follow, but on this one you're less likely to find carefully composed posts.

Instead, Snapchat all about spontaneity and documenting things "in the now." Or, as the company's founder Evan Spiegel puts it, "instant expression."Navigating the App When opening Snapchat, forget the infinite scroll of the social networks you're used to, because this app immediately springboards the camera to the screen.

She was able to run away after the attack and called 911 from a gas station. “We’re concerned that we have not been able to apprehend him.

The philosophy behind this unconventional landing place is that chats all begin with the conversation, and in Snapchat, images do the talking.

That makes even more sense when you think of how the app treats its photos and videos ephemerally.

She was waiting for a ride at about on the morning on October 29th. A man stopped and pretended to be a Good Samaritan.

“We never think it’s a good idea to get in the car with a stranger, but this victim needed help, and she believed what he told her, that he would help her,” says Detective Angie Franco with the Arlington Police Department.

The Exorcist upgrade is available for both 6-speed manual and 10-speed automatic equipped ZL1 Camaros, though the automatic requires another $9,950 worth of improvements so the transmission can withstand the fury of the engine's 996 lb.-ft.