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Dominik Garcia-Lorido was born on August 16, 1983, which makes her 32 year old. She is daughter of father Andy García and mother Marivi Lorido Garcia.

Her father is a super star a Cuban American actor and director. She was born as the eldest among her parent's four children, she has two sisters Daniella, Alessandra and a brother Andres.

That role, along with his performance in "Internal Affairs" that same year, led to his being named 1990 Star of the year by NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners). Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos (Like His Rhythm There is no other)." A feature-length documentary concert film on legendary Cuban bass player and composer Israel "Cachao" Lopez, co-creator of the Mambo, the film, which he also co-produced, has received worldwide critical praise.

In 2005 she got an opportunity to get featured in the American drama film The Lost City, where she played the role of Mercedes Fellove.

Dominik Garcia-Lorido has also shown her acting presence in 2007 movie Luz del mundo; there she played the character of Luz.

Even though I own the trilogy and have seen the first two movies countless times (it is required viewing in my household), I always avoided watching the final installment. The character was created specifically for this movie to replace Robert Duvall. Sorry a contract dispute killed you off.) The film’s retroactive continuity definitely puts a damper on the third installment. She’s symbolic of Michael Corleone’s inability to protect any of the women who are close to him.

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Dominik made her acting career debut from the 1995 movie Steal Big Steal Little in the character of Maria Martinez.