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Accessorising with only gold hoops and sweeping her hair back off her face, the beauty showcased her enviably clear and glowing complexion - which bore a striking resemblance to Tyga's rumoured love interest Jordan Ozuna.

The rapper was first romantically linked to the Instagram model, 24, earlier this month, when he was seen hugging the beauty at Hollywood hotspot Beauty & Essex.

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A monochrome cave painting is a picture made with only one colour (usually black) - see, for instance, the monochrome images at Chauvet.

A polychrome cave painting consists of two or more colours, as exemplified by the glorious multi-coloured images of bison on the ceiling at Altamira, or the magnificent aurochs in the Chamber of the Bulls at Lascaux.

The first, or top section, lists specific cultures or historic personalities originating from that region.

The middle section identifies major social, political, economic and migratory developments and the third, or bottom section, highlights unique artistic, scientific and religious events. The chart is divided into a series of thin, black, vertical lines that begin at the left side of the chart at 4000 BC, and continue across the chart in one hundred year increments to 2000 AD.

Sporting a jacket with flames embroidered onto the side as well as a black beanie and trainers, the musician opted for a casual look - perhaps proving he was comfortable with his mystery lady - as he headed in to the restaurant.