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He replied that they asked him how many days they would have to travel and if there were many wild Indians on the way, to which the declarant replied that [it was a journey of] twenty-six days and that it was all full of Indians, whereupon they told him that they would not venture to go, and in ill-pronounced words, in the language of the Indians, they told him that although the Indians who had killed their companions had given him the paper, no one but a Biscayan would understand it, and they made him and his companions repeat the name many times in order that they might remember and not forget it, and said that they should study it along the road every day, and in that way they would not for- get it.

On the return they met many soldiers and the captain who, the friendly Indians told them, was called Retana, to whom they gave information concerning everything, and they told him to return, since the people with whom he was going to fight were no longer there, and that they were going to make a report of it all to the senor governor.

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Thus he left with this Indian more papers than those which he has with him.

Being asked concerning the difficulties of the road, or if it has any obstacles to overcome or smooth out in order to reach the port of Espiritu Santo, he said that from La Junta de los Rios one goes some days' jour- ney along the lower Rio del Norte by a good level road, and thence to the other river, and, although there is a sierra, one does not have to climb it, as it has level passes; the rest of the way is level.

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