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Instead, it was "any white chikc want 2 talk to eas India guy? One friend tells me his membership fees for Pal Talk have been worth it, getting him access to an "international circle jerk" where men and women come together by webcam and text.

Another, a companion from my old chat room, says that swinger site Adult Friend Finder has "OK" online communities, although not as good as we were used to.

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Web Sites where the user can create their own Chat Bot for Free or for a fee.

One day she’ll have you laughing about her cats and the next, you’ll be pondering what plan the universe has for you. Generation Meh: There’s no better way to describe this read than the blog’s own self-description: “Gen Meh promotes self-actualization for slackers, offers up post-modern pep talks and tough love beatdowns and serves as a not-so-subtle soapbox.” 5.