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Related: should we reject job candidates who don’t send thank-you notes after interviews? thank-you notes: they’re not about thanking anyone how much do thank-you notes really matter after a job interview?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret that will help your marriage, no matter what stage you are in. I’ve found that when I take a moment or two to sit down and think about the specific things that I appreciate my husband doing for me, my heart swells with love and emotion. November is the perfect time to tell your spouse some of those things that you are grateful for and we love about our spouses to hopefully make it a little easier for you to thank your spouse!

And I usually offer to pay, because that feels polite.

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But after today, you can do it make your life easier? Place a note in the pocket of their jeans or jacket for them to pull out and find during the day.

Pick up some flowers and leave a little note for your honey to find!

You could also tape one to the mirror for a daily pick-me-up!

Between attending holiday parties every weekend and hitting up packed happy hours after work, this time of year is huge for meeting hot new guys.

The Date: You do the full-on drinks and dinner combo Text This: Thanks again for a fun dinner last night!