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I was a Marine combat correspondent at the time, it was the end of my deployment, and I was downright tired.

Nonetheless, when I sat down with Mc Ginty, I'd read his Medal of Honor citation about 25 times.

within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hummmm.... Look at the odd location of the UNITED STATES PROPERTY & the location of the rampant Colt logo ...

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That 70 Series Colt remained in the stable until 1980 and, after a brief hiatus, was replaced by the 80 Series variant that remained in production in one form or another until 1998 but has sadly been missing from the lineup since then.

Now, to borrow a phrase from John Wick, it looks like the Combat Commander is back, at an MSRP of $949– slightly less than the Lightweight Commander.

“The new Combat Commander features an upswept beavertail grip safety and undercut trigger guard to allow users to get good purchase on the grip, and our great Colt G10 grips,” said Justin Baldini, Colt’s product director, in a statement.

In the way of a brief history lesson, the Commander was introduced in 9mm for an Army pistol contract in 1949 aimed at providing a more effective replacement to the .32 ACP Model 1903 “General Officer’s Pistol.” It soon became popular on the civilian market and in 1971 a steel-framed (to differentiate it from the Lightweight Commander) Combat Commander went into production.

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