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Providing a scalable platform to allow people to selectively announce when their IP address changes will benefit all sorts of services and applications.

And, this isn't just about DNS — everything from your Apple TV to your Xbox 360 can benefit from knowing when your IP changes.

We receive many reports of spam, apparent hacker activity, and other forms of abuse.

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We serve as a book-keeper in recording the assignments that are made.

In Internet terminology, the record-keeping service we perform is called a registration service, and we serve as a registry.

DNS-O-Matic provides a scalable and standardized solution for developers to easily provide support for all dynamic DNS / IP services in their software or platform with one simple and consistent API at no cost.

DNS-O-Matic will support dynamic DNS services without any work on your side.

An A record associates a name to the server IP address, allowing people to use easy-to-remember domain names (rather than hard-to-remember IP addresses) to connect to a website.